About Mountain Tek Performance

MTNTK Performance is located in Ashton, Idaho - a snowmobiler's dream

Mountain Tek Performance is located in beautiful Ashton, Idaho. We feel blessed to be in what we would call outdoor paradise. In a perimeter of less than 60 miles in any direction and less than four miles to the forest boundaries, we are close to some of the world’s greatest playgrounds for motorsports. Places like Yellowstone National Park, Lion's Head, Island Park, Centennial Mountain Range, the Big Holes, the Grand Tetons, Bedford, Indian Creek, Alpine, WY and the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, to name a few, are what keep us going every day. Perhaps you have been to a few of these locations and know how awe inspiring the areas can be. These are the things that drive us to push the limits, break the "rules", and try and do what is said can't be done.

We grew our company (and still growing) out of a desire to do better than what we have done and what we have seen others do. We put every ounce of energy into every product that we build. It will do as we say it does and live up to every claim or we won't sell it. We have put many products on snowmobiles, atvs, motorcycles, and just about every other gas or diesel powered go fast machine on the planet that did not live up to the hype or claims that were made about it. Disappointing and discouraging, we feel like the industry has suffered, and especially the aftermarket performance industry has left many people wanting more. We are here to do our part to make a difference.

Expect many more products in the future and more innovation, quality and performance.