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MTNTK Cheater Head

MTNTK Cheater Head gives snowmobile more horsepower and improved throttle
The all new MTNTK Performance Cheater Head is a must have for any snowmobile enthusiast looking to gain a little more horsepower and better throttle response without any drastic fueling changes or engine modifications. Simply send your stock head shell to MTNTK and let the fun begin! Each head is machined to proper specs which results in perfect fitment. Domes Available in 13-1 or 15-1 Compression ratios and available for all '08-Current 800 CFI Engines. Order today!
  • Superior Dome Design for Maximum Detonation Suppression
  • Better Throttle Response
  • More Horsepower
  • No Fuel Controller Required


  • Replacement Domes with Chosen Compression Ratio


  • Stock Head Shell must be sent to MTNTK Performance
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