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'16-Current RZR Turbo Lite Pack

Already have a performance tuner for your RZR Turbo? No problem. “THE BLOW HOLE” for UTV’s brings our respected and valued snowmobile product along with its heat fighting abilities to increase the longevity of the drivetrain and ultimately your investment. We developed this out of a desperate need to increase belt and clutch life. Out in the extreme conditions of the sand dunes, it has become commonplace to remove the belt covers in a desperate attempt to prevent belt failures. While removal of the cover does help with belt failures, the increased contact with the sand leads to premature clutch wear and failure. The same cases can be seen in any environment such as rock crawling and trail riding. This is why we adapted “THE BLOW HOLE” to fit the UTV market. The clutches and drive belt show up as a weak link as the added load is converted to wasted heat energy. This waste heat deteriorates drive belts, and breaks down composite bearing surfaces and parts which lead to increased inefficiency. This loss of efficiency only provides more ways to make heat and the vicious cycle repeats until failure. UTV’s place extreme loads on their clutches and belt which builds extreme heat. This heat, in turn, will end up costing you money and riding time. It leads to premature wear on your clutches, and complete belt and clutch failure. “THE BLOW HOLE” for UTV’s places a high output auxiliary fan in the cooling ducts of your clutch housing. It dramatically reduces ultimate temperatures generated in the clutch system and also speeds cooling of the clutch housing when traveling at lower speeds between high load events. Plug and Play with OEM connectors. Tired of blowing holes or melting your charge tube but want to run more boost or higher octane fuel? Add this MTNTK Large Volume Aluminum Charge Tube for the Polaris RZR Turbo for better performance, reliability, and improved throttle response. Add dependability and reliability when running higher levels of boost on your Polaris RZR Turbo with this MTNTK High Performance Blow Off Valve. This Blow Off Valve fits in either the stock charge tube location, replacing the stock Blow Off Valve, or on the MTNTK Custom Charge Tube. Don't shy away from turning your boost up with MTNTK Performance and the MTNTK High Performance Blow Off Valve. The all new MTNTK Performance Competition Spark Plug Wires are a must for RZR enthusiast. With less corrosion, better spark energy at higher boost, longer life, and less energy dissipation, these Competition Spark Plug wires keep your engine running at its best all the time. Made with 100% silicone wire covers and high suppression 8.5 mm wires for less ECU interference. Add the MTNTK Clutch Springs for the Ultimate Package


  • Large Volume Charge Tube
  • MTNTK Performance Blow Hole
  • High Performance Spark Plug Cables
  • Primary and Secondary Clutch Springs
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