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Polaris RZR XP 1000 Turbo Kit

MTNTK Performance RZR Turbo Kit
Take your Polaris RZR XP 1000 to the next level with a MTNTK Performance turbocharger system. This system was designed to be easy to install, look great, and perform better than anything else on the market today. Built around the best turbocharger money can buy from Borg Warner, the EFR ( Engineered For Race) turbocharger has a titanium aluminide turbine wheel, forged milled compressor wheel, integrated blow off valve, high-flow waste-gate, all stainless steel turbine housing, and ball bearing center section. We placed this high technology turbocharger in a front mounted design that prevents melting of your bed and back wall with a torque enhancing exhaust manifold. For reduced turbulence out of the turbocharger we manufactured an all stainless steel 3 inch turbo outlet that allows use of stock muffler for a super sleeper kit or any slip on aftermarket muffler. With ultimate horsepower in mind we designed this system with a 2.5 inch charge tube and a water to air intercooler to keep charge temperatures low and when horsepower goes high. We completely designed and built this exclusive intercooler in-house with its industry changing design. Using specially manufactured radiator tubing, we were able to build a smaller and more compact intercooler that was also ultra-efficient. This design gives us flexibility in mounting the radiator tubing, isolating it from the engine's cooling system thus improving its efficiency even further. This design also improves visibility and aesthetics over air to air intercooler designs. With a compact charge box, and fast spooling turbocharger this system has a superior throttle to boost ratio which means it is more fun to drive and easier to control. Using Bully Dog Technologies Gauge Tuner system allowed us direct ECU tuning. This gave us unprecedented control over the engine, allowing us to change fueling and timing outputs to meet turbocharging requirements. With this absolute control over the engine we were able to make this system fully pump gas compatible. 91 octane fuel is all that is required to produce big horsepower gains keeping this kit fun to ride and flexible and its fueling requirements. No head shims, pistons, or other motor modifications required for pump gas. No fuel adjustments are required, just download our tuning into the ECU and you’re ready to fly. System comes complete with adjustable clutching. Don't let the pump gas compatibility fool you though, with the long list of features this system has it is fully capable to make big power if you want to build the motor and/or run race fuel. We built engine protection into our tuning to give you confidence and peace of mind. We ride what we build and support what we build. Call us for details and upgrades that can be added, and for consultation about building the engine for even more horsepower!
  • Easy to install
  • The EFR ( Engineered For Race) turbocharger
  • Ball bearing center section
  • Titanium aluminide turbine wheel
  • Forged milled compressor wheel
  • Integrated blow off valve
  • High-flow waste-gate
  • All stainless steel turbine housing
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