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Polaris PRO-RMK 800 Non-Intercooled Turbo Kit

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Mountain Tek Performance is proud to announce the next evolution in two stroke turbocharger kits. All new for the Polaris Pro Ride Chassis is our feature packed turbocharger kit featuring:
Borg Warner EFR line of turbochargers.

It is built for the hard core extreme riding that western snowmobiling demands. Ultra-fast spooling turbo with a lightweight titanium aluminide turbine wheel, efficient boosting courtesy of the forged and fully machined compressor wheel this turbo promises the ultimate in performance. A long list of unique features also include: all stainless steel turbine housing for great looks and even better heat energy retention, angled waste gate for uninterrupted turbine exhaust flow, built in compressor recirculation valve ( blow of valve ), and ceramic ball bearings already put this kit into a league of its own.

Now add in the features that the rest of the kit comes standard with:
OEM draw cold air intake

True bolt on no cutting and welding

All materials are either aluminum or stainless steel for the ultimate in corrosion resistance including custom made heavy duty exhaust springs

Low volume charge box for the fastest turbo response and equipped with vibration isolating mounting, with fit and finish that is ready for the showroom make this kit even harder to pass up.

The always touchy subject of fuel control of turbochargers is being taken care of by the Bully Dog Technologies Powersports GT tuner which allows reprograming of the OEM engine computer to allow it to safely and effectively control the engine. This is accomplished with the use of the OEM computer, wiring harness, fuel injectors and fuel pump. No permanent modifications to any factory electrical system, fuel system, or chassis allow this kit to retain OEM reliability.

Altitude Compensation for boost control comes standard and this is accomplished completely without any electronic devices by our industry exclusive Absolute Pressure Power Control.

No electrical draw and no electronics to fail and ruin a great day of riding. Set your boost and rpm once and never touch it again, same horsepower from the truck to the top of the mountain.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the most innovative and forward thinking feature of this performance kit: turbocharger lubrication. Turbocharger lubrication is provided by the most reliable and uncomplicated way possible using the OEM oil injection pump.
- First, the oil is pumped to the turbocharger in sufficient quantity to fully lubricate the ceramic ball bearings and using two stroke engine oil has been proven to be an excellent lubricant for these bearings.
- Second, the oil drains out of the turbocharger and is then introduced to the turbocharger compressor wheel for atomization. The compressor wheel spinning at tens of thousands of rpm breaks the oil into a finely atomized mist that is suspended in the charge air.
- Finally, the oil misted air is forced through the intake and reed petals and lubricates all the engine components including rod bearings, pistons, and cylinder. This contributes to dramatically decreased friction, heat and ultimately makes more power and longer engine life. This oiling system was so extraordinary at improving lubrication and performance that Mountain Tek Performance filed for US and International Patents and has awarded Patent Pending Status.

MTNTK Performance provides the highest quality MTNTK turbo equipment to help you enjoy your ride and increase the life of your Polaris.

  • "The Big Boost Turbo Kit is my boondocking weapon of choice. Whether it's deep creek bottoms or huge waterfall chutes, this turbo works awesome. The throttle response is amazing and is always spot on when I need it." - Ryan Nelson, Pro Backcountry Rider
  • Borg Warner EFR Turbo
  • Complete with Clutching
  • Big Boost Turbo Muffler
  • Big Boost Turbo Charge Box
  • Bully Dog Technologies GT Powersports Tuner
  • Absolute Pressure Power Controller Boost Control
  • Patent Pending Turbo Oil Lubrication
  • High-Flow Factory Replacment Injectors