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Polaris AXYS Drop In Kit

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Getting the most bank for your buck is the genesis behind our amazing drop in kit. We have taken the reliability and dependability that you can expect from our "Fix Kit" and made even more horsepower while retaining the OEM cylinder, exhaust, and ECU calibration. No cylinder porting keeps this engine easy to find parts for and no down time waiting for parts to be shipped back and forth. Keeping the smooth power delivery and broad power band of the stock engine but adding considerable punch on the top is what this kit provides. This kit was designed using our lightweight piston to take advantage of the quick revving lightweight Axys crankshaft. 10 Horsepower peak and broad gains across the RPM range.  You will have to increase your clutch weight to keep it from over revving! This kit is the real deal and makes the most power you can without the hassle of adding a fuel controller. On cheater head combinations the price includes the refundable core charge and when you order you will receive a machined head.  You can return your head (even if it has damage) for a $75.00 credit.