'17-Current Ski-Doo 850 Non-Intercooled Turbo Kit

Mountain Tek Performance is proud to announce the most capable kit on the market today, at the absolute best value. The next evolution in two stroke turbocharger kits. All new for the Ski-Doo 850 E-TEC Platform is our feature packed turbocharger kit built for the hard core extreme riding that today's rider demands.

The all new TurboCharger Kit for your Ski-Doo Gen4 850 E-Tec from MTNTK Performance is the most capable, feature packed turbo kit on the snow. This kit comes standard with an innovative Fuel Delivery system based on the proven Dyno Jet Power Commander 5 platform and modified by MTNTK Performance to make tuning your Ski-Doo Gen4 850 more reliable and without the restrictions or complications that re-flashing an expensive ECU carries. Boosting your Ski-Doo Gen4 850 is the ultra-fast spooling, super compact, and lightweight Garrett GT2554R. This water-cooled, ball bearing TurboCharger allows you to run pump gas while adding instantaneous bottom end throttle response without adding unnecessary weight to your sled. Automatic and adjustable boost control comes standard to compensate for altitude without any added electronics. As you gain elevation, your boost automatically adjusts to keep your horsepower the same. To lubricate the TurboCharger we use the factory oil pump, which means no added electric oil pump, no added oil reservoir to fill or check, and no changing the turbo oil when it has deteriorated. To make sure your TurboCharger is getting adequate intake air, we use the stock location to draw the coldest, most fresh air without cutting or drilling holes in your Ski-Doo Gen4 850. For this kit, we incorporated an incredibly quiet, lightweight muffler that exits out the stock location. No Cutting or Drilling. This Kit comes complete with clutching and is extremely easy to install. Compatible with SHOT and electric start. Built to be the lightest, yet most durable, this TurboCharger Kit is unquestionably the most controllable, reliable, lightweight and user friendly kit on the market. Decide for yourself, and discover what you’re capable of.

  • Ultra-fast Spooling Water Cooled Ball Bearing GT2554R Turbocharger
  • Innovative MTNTK Performance Tuning
  • OEM Cold Air Intake
  • Stock Exhaust Outlet with Deep Tone Muffler
  • No Permanent Modifications to the Factory Electrical System, Fuel System, or Chassis with "Plug and Play" Connectors
  • Altitude Compensation without sensitive electronics for Boost Control
  • Retains OEM Reliability and Repair-Ability
  • Pump Gas 91 Octane Fuel
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