Snow Check


This is a NO MONEY DOWN, NO COMMITMENT, NO STRESS SNOW CHECK! Please fill out the form as completely as possible so we can get you as much information and help you to get the perfect turbo kit for your application. We like our dealers and many times dealers that are familiar with our products and procedures can help you to get the most from your purchase. You can list a dealer that you plan on purchasing from, but if you do not have a preferred dealer, you may work directly with Mountain Tek Performance. If possible list the track length and lug depth, rider weight, elevation that you ride at, and anything else that you think could help us to select options and make recommendations that would benefit your riding style and terrain. By submitting this form you will receive additional information and periodic updates about your possible future purchase and will guarantee that there is a kit waiting for you with your name on it. Even if for some reason you are not able to continue with your purchase, that is no problem. We just appreciate you letting us know that you are thinking about purchasing a turbo kit and want to be contacted about the options and possibilities.

*Current models allowed for Snow Check: Polaris Axys 800, Polaris Axys 850, Ski-Doo Gen4 850