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Polaris RZR Turbo Performance Tune

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Increase the horsepower and torque of your RZR XP Turbo without sacrificing stock reliability with the all new MTNTK Performance Tune. In one single unit you have the ability to choose from three different pre-programmed tunes: Rock Crawl, Woods/Enduro, & Pro-Lite. All three of these tunes come standard for one flat rate, allowing you to easily switch between each tune in a matter of minutes. No more replacing your ECU. Simply re-flash your ECU and watch the GT go to work. Data log, read and clear engine codes, and monitor your vehicle whenever and wherever you ride. Keep it simple with MTNTK Performance Tuning. One Tuner, three tunes, and no clutching required. Its time you got your money's worth, and its time you experience more power with MTNTK Performance Tuning, available now! All Tunes Include: Increased Boost Levels, Rev limit Increased, Max Speed Limits Increased, Throttle Pedal Enhancements for Better Control and Feel, Lower Fan 'Turn On' Temperature to Prevent Overheating.
  • Rock Crawl: Smoother pedal feel for softer engagement and more control
  • Woods/Enduro: Extremely fast boost and throttle response
  • Pro-Lite: The most power you can get on 91 Octane Fuel