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Polaris AXYS 800 Intercooled Turbo Kit

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Introducing the all new turbocharger kit from MTNTK Performance for the Polaris Axys Platform. While our competitors are always trying to lower the quality of their kits to boost profits, we hit the accelerator pedal to blast past the competition and make the most capable kit on the market today, at the absolute best value. Feature for feature you will not find more value or more performance capability elsewhere. Check out these performance features that come STANDARD on our kit: Borg Warner 6258 EFR Turbocharger – This turbocharger is the first built by Borg Warner that did not first start as an OEM auto application. Designed to be the best turbo on the market, and debuted at INDY Car Racing it does not fail to impress. Investment Cast Stainless Steel Turbine housing is smooth for high flow with a high flow angled waste gate for low disturbance and better control. Also no rust makes it a work of art. We followed suit and built all the exhaust tubing and muffler out of stainless steel to keep your shine on. The center section of the turbo is water cooled with double row ceramic ball bearings. Ceramic balls are more concentric and extremely light for less vibration and faster acceleration. Forged and fully milled compressor wheel is lighter and has more surface area than a cast wheel giving more flow and thus more power in a smaller package. Also included in this turbo is a built in compressor recirculation valve (Blow Off Valve) that keeps the turbo spinning when you are really on and off the throttle so boost returns immediately when you need it. The final and most impressive part of this turbo is the titanium aluminide turbine wheel. This is the lightest substance that a turbine wheel can be made of. Only extremely high performance turbos share this exotic material which allows the turbo to extract more energy from each exhaust pulse and accelerate to boost much faster that a similar turbo with an Inconel wheel. Water to Air Intercooler – This year we are introducing our all new water to air intercooler. We use a proprietary design of cooler core that is more flexible in design and allows higher air flows in a given area. This allows us to cool the charge air without compromising the design and makes our product fit better in the chassis than previous designs. Cooling the air allows long pulls and higher boost possible without power falling off and it suppresses detonation for more consistent high power performance. New structural bonding techniques borrowed from aerospace and even the Polaris chassis design allowed us to make this charge air cooler affordable and a standard on even the pump gas kit. Snow U-Cooler – With high lug 3” plus tracks we have found the stock Polaris cooling severely lacking. High water temperatures kill performance and can compromise the reliability of the engine. We decided to solve problems instead of stacking problems by offering a full tunnel length snow cooler that is plumbed in series with the stock cooler to effectively double the cooling capacity of the sled. This eliminates the overheat problem while also providing the chilled water for the charge air cooler. By using a system in series we were able to combine and simplify components. Fixing the overheat problem, providing super cold water to the charge air cooler, and eliminating the need for a separate cooling pump and cooling system for charge air cooling all became one solution with this standard feature. We made a custom extrusion (read in "not cheap" here!) with internal and external fins for increased surface area to maximize the cooling potential. Relocated Fuel Injectors – We have been working with the semi-direct injection fuel strategy for many years and have a thorough understanding of its limitations and benefits. While beneficial at reducing fuel emissions at certain engine RPM’s it is not the best strategy for making power in a two stroke. When turbocharging we must add 200-300% more fuel at peak to build the mega horsepower boost allows, and the narrow port passage and overall lack of available combustion air that the injector sprays into does not allow fuel to mix with the air properly for adequate power. We moved the injectors in front of the throttle plate which allows all the fuel to pass through the crankcase. This gives the fuel more time to mix with the air, improves transient throttle tuning, and provides vital lower end rod bearing cooling. More power and better life from the engine. Bully Dog Gauge Tuner – This is our 3rd Season working with the Bully Dog GT for our fueling requirements and it has been a revelation for turbocharging. Accurate fueling with stock like mannerisms and ease of tuning make this the only way to go. No adjustments required from you to make it run right. Just download the custom tune we provide and then pull the rope and ride. It adjusts automatically for altitude, boost pressure, and temperature. We are even able to adjust the timing and adjust the oil pump to make the most power reliably for the boost level you run. This absolutely changes the way you ride a modified sled. No messing around with fueling numbers and definitely no expertise required in the tuning department to get it to run superb. We offer free upgrade tunes for life. If we ever have something that works well we want you running it. The GT is also able to be updated via sending a file through email. No sending your ECU to us. You can return it to stock in just a few minutes. The GT also is capable of Data Logging, Reading and Erasing engine codes, and can display information about your engine for precise clutching and diagnostic work. Patent Pending Turbo Lubrication System – Designed and perfected in house we have pioneered the use of the factory oil pump to lubricate the turbocharger. Our competitors are trying every method they can, including copying our design to make their kit as trouble and maintenance free as ours. No electric oil pump to add, no oil reservoir to check for oil, no changing the turbo oil when it is deteriorated. We improve the oiling to the engine by providing misted oil to the engine after it lubricates the turbocharger. Fresh clean oil is always being supplied to the turbo, which translates into long life for the bearings (we have never failed a turbo yet on this exceptional system!). Just put oil in your engine oil tank, fill your fuel tank with fuel and your riding! You will experience less worry, less problems, and more riding with this system.
  • Borg Warner EFR turbocharger - Look it up - it's the best on the market!
  • Water to Air - Charge Air Cooler Standard
  • High Flow Injectors Included. Relocated mounting for improved lower rod bearing cooling
  • Bully Dog GT Standard - No sending your ECU to us for updates
  • MTNTK Snow U-Cooler Standard - No engine cooling problems even with 3" tracks
  • Patent Pending Lubrication System
  • Cold Air Intake adapter to allow stock air intake – additional air intake vents recommended for deep powder riding and higher boost. We can recommend venting to suit your style.
  • Fit, Finish and Weld Quality that is second to none.
  • Minimal cutting and modifying for ease of installation and ease of maintenance. No compromising of the chassis for exhaust, or cooling
  • Belt drive, Chain Case, and Electric Start compatible.
  • Exceptional Customer Service. We answer the phone. We answer Emails. We even have been known to help people fix the other guys stuff so they can ride.