Anti-Ratchet Drivers

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Now available from MTNTK Performance are Anti-Ratchet Drivers for both Polaris Belt Drive and Chain-case Models. All Anti-Ratchet Drivers (including these) require you to trim the tip of your suspension rails and add an Anti-Stab Kit because the ex-volute teeth are directly in line with the rails, but the performance cannot be overstated. These will prevent ratcheting of the track in the most extreme cases.  High horsepower engines, and longer pitch tracks (such as 3.5 pitch) are harder drive and these are the only ones we have found that will work properly. Choose from the many different Tooth, Pitch, and Drive Shaft options.  The new 2022 Polaris Series 8 track (3.5 pitch 2.75 Lug) Does not have the center drive lugs and requires the new 55119 driver.  Sold Per Each - 2 REQUIRED PER SLED - UNLESS YOUR REPLACING A DAMAGED ONE EXACTLY LIKE IT.
  • Sold Per Each - Two required per sled unless you are replacing a damaged one like it.
  • Hydroformed steel driveshaft is used on Polaris models 2005-current chain-case models
  • Hex aluminum driveshaft is used on Polaris models 2013-current factory belt drive models.
  • Both styles are compatible with partial or fully clipped tracks.
  • Wahl Brothers Style work well as long as the track you are using has the outer drive lugs. On many modern tracks these lugs are either smaller in size or removed completely for weight reduction which reduces the effectiveness of this style of driver.
  • Avid Style will work on all tracks and will provide maximum track driving ability.
  • Check out our BULLET PROOF ANTI-STAB KIT part number 10005 for the best anti-stab kit available on the market.