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MTNTK Turbo Clutch Upgrade Kit

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Want more out of your MTNTK Performance Turbo? Order the MTNTK Performance Axys Turbo Clutch Kit. This clutch kit will reduce belt temperatures, and improve up shift under power while providing crisp back shift characteristics. For the driven clutch is a full progressive custom helix with two angle combinations and a heavier driven spring that makes for smooth power delivery and excellent belt life. In the drive clutch we include a spring that provides a slightly higher engagement without harshness. Will work well on most all turbocharged Polaris 800 turbo kits running 4-10 psi of boost and will work well at all altitudes. If you feel that you may require a specific need feel free to email or call us to talk about your needs specifically and we can make recommendations or tailor the kit to your needs. This combination has been tested and used for the last few seasons, and will provide excellent performance no matter how you ride.

  • MTNTK Performance Helix
  • Secondary Clutch Spring
  • Primary Clutch Spring