Drop And Roll Belt Drive Kit

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New from Mountain Tek Performance! This Drop & Roll Belt Drive Kit completely replaces the stock belt drive or chaincase assembly. This kit moves the stock drive shaft down an inch and back an inch for increased clearance in the tunnel and improved track approach angle. Increasing the clearance in the tunnel allows you to run a 3" x 3.0 pitch track with 8-tooth x 3.0 pitch drivers with adequate clearance or you can use any other combination of pitch and tooth count. This kit offers 5 different gear ratios that utilize the same belt. The belt has 33% more teeth engaged with the sprockets which dramatically decreases belt stripping. Unlike other Drop and Roll Belt Drive kits, this gear down kit uses an extremely tough plastic molded protector that not only protects the belt and lower sprocket, but also makes it simple to change the belt and bottom sprocket. This Drop and Roll Belt Drive Kit comes complete with reinforcement plates that help strengthen the weak points on a stock Polaris Pro tunnel, a belt drive assembly, tensioner, and all necessary hardware to install this kit on your sled. Fits 2011-2015 Polaris Pro chassis.
  • Tunnel Reinforcment Plates
  • Complete Belt Drive Assembly with Belt Tensioner
  • Plastic Molded Protector
  • All Necessary Hardware To Install This Kit On Your Sled