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Replacement springs for Polaris Snowmobiles.  These are a stainless steel high temp spring that will last longer on your exhaust than a zinc plated spring.  Put a few in your pack to save a ride in case you break one.  We recommend inspecting your spring status before each ride and replacing worn ones before they cause a problem.  Broken springs can get into belt drives and clutches and cause major problems.

  • #25011 is the replacement spring used on our MTNTK Turbo kits with the extended hook designed to work with the tension cams.  Fits Pro and 800 Axys turbo kits with tension cams on the turbo. Stainless steel high temp spring.
  • #25012 is the factory Polaris short replacement exhaust spring.  Stainless steel high temp spring.  Will fit all Polaris snowmobiles with a short spring and no extended hook.
  • #40471 is the factory Polaris long replacement with an extended hook used on the header and other places on the exhaust system. Stainless steel high temp spring. Will fit all Polaris snowmobiles with a long spring with extended hook.