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Want to make your Patriot Boost roost even more? Upgrading the clutching on the factory Polaris Boost has been a source of huge gains. We have been boosting sleds for quite a while, and right off we knew improvements could be made.

 22 Patriot Boost - This was the first and original Boost, and it came with a steep initial angle on the helix that was good for upshift, but it created a loose setup especially when riding trees. The belt would get hot and shifting would get lazy if you were on and off the throttle repeatedly.

 23 Patriot Boost - For model year 23 Polaris dropped the clutch weight 2 grams (not good) and put a straight helix (better) in that improved upshift.  The problem with this combination is it turned the sled into a buzz saw.  The lighter weights actually contributed to little bogs and some sleds even felt like they had more turbo lag.  If you don't load a turbo motor it just doesn't spool the turbo as fast.  The helix made the sled slower (than the 22) out of the hole and the weights made it hard to pick up speed. Many customers hit the rev limiter without knowing what was happening and this felt like bogs and burbles. 

 Our clutch kit was designed with years of turbo experience. 

 Custom Helix - We have a Custom Dual Cut Helix that provides a perfect blend of out of the hole upshift with big turbo power top end pull that will upshift quick. 

Driven Spring - Almost a requirement, this spring will increase grip on the belt and prevent slipping which builds heat.  This provides crisp power on response and great backshift characteristics.

Adjustable Weights - We are using Venom Products Boost Weights, designed and manufactured by the same people who test, tune, and design Polaris factory clutch parts. They fit, work, and perform exactly as they should.  No gimmicky claims, you can adjust the shift to work with your riding style or tuning.   Fits P22 clutch only. 

Primary Spring Set - 2 Springs that will accommodate the range of engagements and power levels for nearly all riding situations.  Factory engagement or higher engagement even with tunes running higher power (heavier weights).

Roller Set - In 2021 Polaris changed the helix rollers to a larger roller.  This larger roller did nothing to improve performance in fact the larger roller is made of a softer plastic that can deform under heavy load.  We prefer to offer a helix with two cuts allowing more adjustability, and this design requires the smaller more durable roller.  Win, win.

Clutch Glide Washer Kit - "Glide Washers" are custom made with a baked-on lubricity coating. By placing a washer on each end of the spring, it can no longer bind on the spider or clutch cover. This frees up the spring to do its intended job.