Polaris Rzr

MTNTK Performance Blow Off Valve

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Add performance, dependability and reliability to your RZR TURBO/TURBO R RZR.  Even stock when you push the engine and have quick throttle on and off you sometimes will hear a high pitched whistle or almost a horn like sound come from the engine compartment.  This is the blow off valve loosing pressure and not sealing properly.  The factory plastic blow off valve/recirculation valve contains a thin rubber diaphragm and is not a durable product that fails quickly even on stock boost levels.  This race quality blow off/recirculation valve will eliminate this loss of performance. Works perfectly on a stock engine but is mandatory when running higher levels of boost. Manufactured by the world leader in boost, Turbosmart is a name that you can trust. This Blow Off Valve fits in either the stock charge tube location, replacing the stock Blow Off Valve, or on the MTNTK Large Volume Charge Tube.  Don't shy away from turning your boost up with MTNTK Performance and the Turbosmart High Performance Blow Off Valve. Comes complete as a kit with Oetiker constant seal clamps and hose to install.
  • Fully machined construction
  • Anodized Black
  • Machined Aluminum Piston
  • Legendary Turbosmart Reliability
  • Complete install kit with hose and clamps