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   PREORDER - FINALLY AVAILABLE! We love the new sled but Polaris did not make it easy to upgrade the cooling system on the Matryx chassis.  And if you have ridden the Matryx you know that it struggles on the trail and in marginal snow conditions to keep the engine cool.  The factory cooler is located directly under the fuel tank and has no cooling in the back of the tunnel.  That may be great for weight distribution and packaging, but the magic happens in the back of the tunnel.  With the new taller/flexible lug tracks the snow does not carry well forward into the tunnel.  Good for forward motion, but it's not great for cooling if the cooler is located only in the front of the tunnel. The cooling heat exchanger has always been integral to the chassis on Polaris models, but the new model bridges the entire top of the tunnel and created no path to add additonal cooling passages to increase the cooler size.   This also is a compromise in the design as the water does not flow properly to the edges of the cooler, instead it takes a direct path through the center sabatoging the effectiveness of the wide cooler.  With the 3.25" lug track new in 2024 it further complicated the system by reducing cooling (the taller the lug the more the snow is ejected rearward) along with reduced clearance to allow modifications to the cooling system.  We had to approach the design with a new angle.  

    Our design completely replaces the tunnel top mounted cooler with a longer design which allows far greater surface area, better defined water flow path, and ultimately a huge increase in rear tunnel snow contact. 

  • 70% (165 track length model) increase in surface contact area available for snow and cold air to cool water.
  • Narrow, well defined long path water passages prevent stagnant areas in the cooling system allowing the time to cool the water and use the full surface area greatly increasing the cooling capacity.
  • Long design puts 45% of the cooler behind the fuel tank where the snow/ice dust and cold air can reach the cooler with far more effectiveness.  This is further enhanced by ice scratchers.
  • Designed around an aluminum backbone to replace the structural component the original cooler was to the chassis.  Installation is accomplished with high clamping force structural 1/4" hemlock rivets with retained mandrel. These are rivets designed for aircraft and other demanding fastening.  Installing cooler will not compromise the structural integrity of the chassis.  
  • Compatible with the new 3.25" Lug track
  • Adding up all these design changes and differences we feel that a 100% increase in cooling is a realistic claim  - This means you will have near to double the cooling.
  • Weight - Since we are removing the stock cooler the net gain WITH water is only 8.7lbs!
  • Instructions coming soon, this is a slightly more involved install, but comes complete with detailed instructions, tips and tricks and all the required parts.  We working to have an install video to help visualize the process and demonstrate how easy it is to install.