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Tuning for the Polaris Patriot Boost is now available!  One of the coolest things about boosted engines is that you can change the amount of power you have with just some simple adjustments, and the Patriot Boost is no exception.  With a simple ECU tune you can add 10-30hp only limited by your budget for higher octane fuel/clutching! With the experience MTNTK Performance has been boosting two stroke engines for over a decade you can have confidence that we can make the power and keep your engine together.  We found plenty of places to improve the factory tuning and you can feel it every time you ride. Without giving away too many secrets, we have the following gains and adjustments along with a few we don't want to talk about! You just get to enjoy them.

 Obviously, we raised the boost level! - We give you 3 tunes that adjust the boost level.

  • We have included 3 tunes: +1psi (~10-15hp), +2psi (~15-20hp), and +3psi (25-30hp).  Don't be fooled by competitors claims of horsepower, you can make a dyno show just about anything you want, it is a tool that allows tuners to make quantifiable gains and adjustment to safely make power.  We report realistic gains and know that you will be pleased with the power.
  • +1psi tune is Pump 91 Octane compatible.  You can run this all day long up to 10K in elevation.  Above that level we recommend 15-20% AV Gas or 110 Race Gas mix.
  • +2psi tune is mandatory 20% AV Gas or 110 Race Gas mix to 10K in elevation.  Above 10K in elevation 30% required.
  • +3psi tune 50% AV Gas or 110 Race Gas mix at all elevations.

Throttle and Boost response - Big improvement in throttle to boost response time.

  • We were able to fine tune the waste gate launch to get boost to come on sooner and respond with more punch.  Feels and works so much better, really getting you up and out of the snow.  Faster to lift the skis and way more pull when it counts
  • Letting off the throttle in turbo's sometimes gives you an unexpected thrill when it continues pulling hard until the boost calms down, hopefully before that group of trees.  We tamed down the boost when you drop the throttle, making it feel like one of our turbo kits.  More fun and less work to ride, you don't feel like you have to grab the brake every time you let off the throttle.

 Just a little about our Elevate Reflash Device

Our Elevate Reflash Device is Wi-Fi enabled, so the tuning and updating is done through an internet connection the first time, to download the tunes to the device, and update the device.  After that initialization you can tune your sled without the internet connection any time.  If we have an update to the tuning, you just have to connect to your sled and Wi-Fi and the update is downloaded.  No computer skills required and no shipping ECU's back and forth.  You can return the sled to stock anytime should you need to.


Don't forget that almost any horsepower increase will require some clutching adjustments to work at peak performance and sometimes it is required to prevent engine damage.  We don't recommend turning this engine above 8500rpm for any reason and power peak happens from 8150 to 8350rpm.  Above that your wasting fuel, energy, and engine parts to wear.  Check out our clutching for the patriot boost here: https://www.mtntkperformance.com/collections/patriot-boost-850/products/m-tek-clutch-kits-polaris-patriot-boost