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Polaris ACE 900 Blow Hole

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The Blow Hole for Polaris ACE 900 expels hot air, cools belt and clutch, and vacuums out dust.
  • Low amp draw DC fan (2.0 amp startup and 1.7amp continuous) does not over tax the electrical system.
  • Motor is water resistant and designed to operate in adverse conditions.
  • Heavy duty welded aluminum design is rugged enough to take abuse but lightweight
  • Air is removed from the clutch housing and fan installation does not inhibit or otherwise interfere with belt changes
  • Active venting system that expels hot air even at low ground speeds as opposed to OEM rpm dependant clutch mounted fan
  • Clutches and belt stay cooler which allows them to last longer and work better.
  • Belt dust and other fine debris are essentially vacuumed out of the clutch cover area so clutches stay cleaner.