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A common problem with Arctic Cat Mountain Chassis is damaging the rear of the tunnel when the track or ground comes in contact with the tunnel. This problem is elevated once you shorten the tunnel to achieve maximum performance in the mountains. The MTNTK Tunnel Cap Kit allows you to shorten your tunnel to whatever length desired, while also relocating the stock taillight to mount flush with the tunnel. Mount the stock bumper or most aftermarket bumpers onto your machine, while also shortening your tunnel to the optimum length. 

As snowmobilers search for the ultimate in riding performance any modifications that decrease drag and improve handling in the snow are paramount. Reduction of drag at the rear of the sled by shortening the tunnel and or the snow flap is a current trend among the bravest to get the most out of their machine. By reducing the amount of weight from the chassis that could potentially drag in the snow, the sled handling is improved especially when performing advanced maneuvers on the hill such as side-hilling, and reentry turns in deep loose snow.

The MTNTK Performance Tunnel Cap Kit allows owners of Arctic Cat mountain chassis snowmobiles model years 2012-Current Ascender Chassis Models to perform this modification without any specialized welding or cutting tools and allows for a professional finished appearance, enhancing the snowmobile in the process.