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MTNTK Performance Tunnel Cut - Tunnel Shortening Kit MTNTK Performance is pleased to announce new for the 2020 snow season the MTNTK Performance Tunnel Cut – Tunnel Shortening Kit. As snowmobilers search for the ultimate in riding performance any modifications that decrease drag and improve handling in the snow are paramount. Reduction of drag at the rear of the sled by shortening the tunnel and or the snow flap is a current trend among the bravest to get the most out of their machine. By reducing the amount of the chassis that could potentially drag in the snow the sled handling is improved especially when performing advanced maneuvers on the hill such as side-hilling, and reentry turns especially in deep loose snow. The MTNTK Performance Tunnel Cut – Tunnel Shortening Kit allows owners of Polaris mountain chassis snowmobiles model years 2011 thru 2021 to perform the modification without welding. Currently Polaris uses a welded extrusion heat exchanger that doubles as the chassis tunnel support and structure. Any modification to this structure also modifies the cooling system and potential for leaks becomes evident. The MTNTK Performance Tunnel Cut – Tunnel Shortening Kit allow the customer to shorten the tunnel without the need for specialized welding or cutting tools and allows for a professional finished appearance, enhancing the snowmobile in the process. This kit was designed as a reasonable cost solution to shorten the tunnel on late model Polaris snowmobiles. The basics to installing the kit are as follows in a few simple steps: draining the coolant, cutting the tunnel off square with no complicated cuts, cleaning and deburring, installing the extrusion adapters with adhesive and cross over hose, installing the tunnel cap/ hose protector, and refilling the cooling system.
  • Allows shortening of the chassis/tunnel with common and basic tools.
  • Completes the cooling system circuit crossover without any welding.
  • Does not automatically require different cooling system strategies i.e. additional coolers, etc.
  • Allows customers to add additional cooling if they so desire i.e. MTNTK Tunnel Cooler, etc.
  • Strengthens the tail of the tunnel and replaces the tunnel cap with a stronger and more durable assembly that is designed to handle track contact that can be more common when cutting the tunnel.
  • Allows the use of the stock bumper or most any aftermarket bumper designed to work with the stock tunnel.
  • Two positions for the stock bumper are built into the design, OEM distance from the bumper to the flap and Retracted which is 1” tighter for the ultimate in reducing overall length.
  • Less expensive and far less labor intensive than any other solution on the market with an install time of approximately 2 hrs. excluding sealant cure time.
  • Two snow flap mounting positions allow the mounting of the OEM Polaris 2.6 track flap in the original placement or the install of many aftermarket or custom snow flaps in both the original placement or in a horizontal placement for additional snow clear
  • All Necessary Hardware to Install onto Machine