Wiseco Piston Kit for the Polaris 850 Patriot 19-Current Dual Ring

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Modern snowmobile engines are a feat of two-stroke performance engineering and they deserve the latest in two-stroke piston technology to match. Building on over eight decades of experience, Wiseco has developed purpose-designed forged pistons for Polaris Patriot 850 engines in a dual-ring configuration for performance and long life, featuring:

  • Forged in the USA from 4032 aluminum alloy for high tensile strength and minimal thermal expansion
  • Hard anodizing on piston crown, in ring groove(s), and in pin bores prevents ring microwelding and protects against potential damages caused by high heat and engine loads common in snowmobiles
  • ArmorGlide skirt coating reduces friction, wear, and operating noise
  • Dedicated forging designs and lightening operations optimize strength-to-weight ratio

Kit includes one piston.